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50 Years of Sociology

At the University of Cambridge

This panel considers the trajectory of Sociology at Cambridge from its early years to the present moment, as well as where it is likely and should be heading in facing urgent social problems.

Date: Monday, 12 November, 2018 - 14:45 to 16:15
Location: Riley Auditorium
Video Recording:

View on YouTube.

Panel Overview:

The panel will begin with a historical overview provided by John Thompson, who has been around the longest, studying under Giddens. Then Tony Giddens will give his reflections on his time at Cambridge, followed by Jackie Scott, who will focus on issues of methodology and questions of gender. Finally Ali Meghji, one of the newest members of staff at the department will give his perspective on the location of the department and where it might head in the future.

Panel Members:
  • Professor Patrick Baert (moderator)
  • Professor Emeritus Lord Anthony Giddens
  • Dr Ali Meghji
  • Professor Emeritus Jackie Scott
  • Professor Emeritus John Thompson