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50 Years of Sociology

At the University of Cambridge
This panel addresses and problematises a phenomenon that is located at the very epicentre of the discipline of sociology, namely inequality. The panel draws on and showcases the expertise in the Sociology Department across different domains of research and levels of seniority.
Date: Tuesday, 13 November, 2018 - 09:30 to 11:00
Location: Riley Auditorium
Panel Overview:

The questions provided to the panellists will be as follows:

  1. What led you to study inequality and what difference does a sociological perspective make to the study of inequality?
  2. What kind of inequality do you study and how does it intersect with other kinds of inequality? What key concepts have been driving your work?
  3. What are the main challenges that come with being a sociologist of inequality? Do you have any advice for fellow sociologists?
  4. In your experience, how has the study of inequality changed over time and where is it going?

This will be followed by a collective discussion, where audience members and panellists alike are encouraged to pose questions and engage in constructive debate. We hope that everyone attending this panel, by virtue of being exposed to a variety of perspectives, will leave with an enriched understanding of different kinds of inequality, the methods that can be deployed to study these sociologically, and attendant challenges – be they scholarly, civic, or political.

Panel Members:

Panel moderator: Dr Jeff Miley.

Panel organizers: Elias Nosrati, Dr Marcin Smietana, Shuting Xia.

Video Recording:

Watch on YouTube.